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"In a Nutshell"

The Soviet Union is in turmoil. Right-wing extremist, Petar Bonzovalivitch has taken over and marshaled a cadre of psionic soldiers to topple the West and restore the empire that was once Russia. His head of psi-ops is Dr. Georgi Boshtov, ex-KGB agent and grand-nephew of Rasputin. Needing a new brain to advance their research,their target for capture is Egyptian superpsychic Abdullah Manu. American Rudy Styne, a news reporter for Modern Times Magazine, uncovers the plot only to face skepticism from his boss as he finds to his horror that he may become their next victim. “Mind-boggling,” says psychic extraordinaire Uri Geller. Seifer’s previous work, Wizard: The Life & Times Of Nikola Tesla, has been hailed a “Masterpiece” by best selling author Nelson DeMille.


The Back Story

There were two events that sparked the writing of Rasputin’s Nephew. (1) The arrest in Moscow in 1977, of American news reporter Robert Toth by the KGB, for obtaining a paper on telepathy and brain-wave biofeedback, and (2) The shabby treatment superpsychic Uri Geller received from the American press after being tested successfully at Stanford Research Institute and other U.S. military think tanks. Except for the fair front-page coverage in TheNew York Times, practically every other media outlet including the TV networks ABC, CBS & NBC, and also Time and Newsweek, reported the Toth arrest, yet purposefully edited out the topic of the science paper he received!


- Rasputin’s Nephew Reviews

 Rudy Styne, ace reporter for Modern Times Magazine.  is trying to locate NTroodr, a master hacker who is threatening to take down the entire Internet. As the story progresses, Rudy keeps running into his look-alike, Rolf Linzman, a successful German businessman, who Rudy will come to find is indeed biologically related to him. So the story has several mysteries including who the master hacker is and who Rudy Styne himself is.

 As Rudy sets on a search for the truth and for his roots, he gets connected the the back story, a sweeping tale in the tradition of Exodus and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin about the Maxwells, a turn of the 20th century Jewish family struggling to build the most prestigious airline in Bavaria. Seifer brings this vital family alive as we watch Elias, the older brother, assimilate into the Christian community to advance his little empire, as Simon, his younger brother, master pilot, races such other early aeronauts as Bleriot, Sopwith and Garros. But greater forces intervene, and Simon finds himself caught up in the Great War flying for the Fatherland, fighting the very men he raced with the Red Baron, Herman Göring, later day Nazi leader, and Ernst Udet, Germany’s greatest surviving flying ace.

Crystal Night continues from Doppelgänger, following the story of the Maxwells, a German Jewish family trying to maintain their small elite airline through the onset of the Nazi period and WWII. Since Elias Maxwell knows Herman Göring from before the Great War, he has an “in” which helps him avoid the fate of so many other Jews until Göring can no longer protect him.

            The modern story continues Rudy Styne's search for his biological parents as he also tries to find who NTroodr is, as this  master hacker still threatens to take over the world wide web. In the hands of this master story-teller, Crystal Night remains a gripping read with a satisfying conclusion.


Review:    “I rush through supper to get comfortable on the sofa with The Book. I just can’t put it down.”

         Gloria McMurrough, octogenerian who visited Germany as a child during the time of the Nazi period.

Handwriting expert and Holocaust survivor,  Jacob Bruno has his life take a fateful turn on a routine case when asked to restrict testimony, yet swear an oath to God to tell the whole truth. Conflicted, the old graphologist takes on the haughty Judge Wellingham and pays a big price, put in jail for contempt of court.

In covering this lightning rod case, Modern Times ace reporter, Rudy Styne, expects it to become a cover story,  when out of nowhere, a nine-year-old up and coming ice skater and cover-girl darling, Jay Jay Martin, is kidnapped from her home in Bountiful Utah. With a hundred reporters flocking to the state, and the court story pushed to the back burner, Rudy requests to join the herd, particularly when it is revealed that there is a ransom note implicating the ice skater’s father, corporate megastar, Skipper Martin. Who else would be best to compare the father’s handwriting to the ransom note than Jacob Bruno?

Marc Seifer has constructed a dizzyingly complex tale which involves a love affair between Max Minkowski, a palm reader, and a young graphologist and Jacob Bruno protégé Sarah Calloway. This story takes the reader to an incest cult atmosphere in Utah, to a psychic troupe touring the Northeast and back to New York City where Jacob Bruno is involved in another forgery case that leads to manslaughter.  Can Rudy Styne find the kidnapper or solve the murder? Will the hit man kill again or get off scott free? Find out in FATE LINE: A Graphological Murder Mystery.

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