Marc Seifer, Ph.D



 SEPTEMBER 19-21 2014

Sava Centar, Belgrade, Serbia

Has been called the definitive biography on the inventor's fantastic life. The story begins with Tesla's heritage, follows childhood and early life through his school years in Graz and Budapest to his first jobs in Europe and then to his acclaimed work in America.


The story of the longest extradition hearing in US history!

Midwest Book Review

When you're busy trying to make your fortune, being a suspect in a murder case can prove to be quite the distraction. "FRAMED!" tells the story of Stephen Rosati, a former bodybuilder trying to make his way as a real estate and fitness club mogul. But when he's accused of murdering a drug lord in Florida, his life spirals out of control as Marc J. Seifer details his story in this real-life courtroom drama. "FRAMED" is a choice pick for community library Criminology Studies collections and the supplemental reading lists for those seeking a true to life legal tale.